Envasamos su propia marca

Para clientes que necesiten envasar su propia marca y/o aceite de Oliva, podemos ofrecerle nuestros servicios

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Disponemos de un amplio surtido de spray en aceite y vinagre

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Nuestra prioridad, la calidad..

Calidad significa hacer lo correcto cuando nadie está mirando

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Aceites Conde de Torrepalma, S.C.A. is located in the town of Castillo de Locubín, a crossroads of millenarian cultures, and a geographical centre between the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba and Granada; an andalusian fertile ground, where the olive tree is born, and its noble fruit, the olive, is planted, grown and harvested, gathers protagonism in the Mediterranean gastronomy. An excellent and well-taken care of selection of the olive from the origin allows us to obtain a mild and fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which combined with natural extracts, provides a pleasant aroma and a unique flavor to help you in dressing and in decorating your dishes.  

Who we are

Aceites Conde Torrepalma, S.C.A. is a firm specialised in bottling a wide range of infused extra virgin olive oils and vinegars with spray and olive oil and salad dressing mini doses of 10 ml or 20 ml. Aceites Conde Torrepalma, S.C.A. (with Oli-Olé and Terra Food brands), has a lot of clients specialised in gourmet and delicatessen products, catering services, and some of the most important distributors in Europe. Apart form Europe, we are actually exporting to some other countries like for example, Australia or United States. Located in Andalusia (Castillo de Locubín), near Jaén and Granada, offers extra virgin olive oils produced from this region, that is the biggest production area in the world, where the climate and richness of the soil make it the ideal one for the olive tree growing. The olive oil is produced from the hand picked varieties of olives picual, picuda and hojiblanca. This preserves the natural flavours and the nutritional goodness of the olive fruit.

What we do

Offers bottles of 25cl with or without spray. Dosage system spray provides an exact amount of oil and vinegar. Our olive oils and vinegars are infused with natural products, we have infused lemon, chilli, cooked herbs, garlic… olive oils and garlic, sherry, cider, honey, red wine, beer… vinegars. Thinking to satisfy the professional needs of the hotel and restaurant industries, we have launched into the market this individual use packets, of 10 ml or 20 ml., combinating and attractive design with the advantage of being an easy product to use. Completily customized manipulated only by the person who consumes it, therefore avoiding spills and guaranteeing the consumer hygiene and cleanliness.