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Olive trees landscape behind the facilities. Our geographical location is one of our strengths, whether it is to acquire Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in any of its varieties, or to receive and package oils from mills and mills, we are in the natural center of production of Olive Oil from Andalusia. Panoramic main facade. Our facilities, integrated with the latest packaging technology, have a surface area of ​​close to 2000 square meters, allowing us great manageability in our small formats.

Production departament

This department is the body in charge of organizing and developing the research of new products, in which professionals who operate under strict regulations intervene, with the aim of developing a product of the highest quality.


Cellar and packaging room

Dedicated to the storage of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, where it remains in a cool and dry environment, and at a constant temperature between 15 and 22 degrees in vertical food stainless steel tanks, to transfer the oil from the tanks to the packaging machines we use a hermetic network , thus allowing us to move the oil without direct manipulation.Oils Conde de Torrepalma has four packaging lines, two of them dedicated to the manufacture of single doses with extra virgin olive oil, vinegars, condiments and food sauces with a capacity from 10 to 30 ml. The remaining two lines are intended for a glass bottle, with or without a dosing spray


We rigorously carry out a series of controls which guarantee the supply of raw materials, allowing us to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers. Our warehouses are made to avoid any risk that could cause deterioration in the material.