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The individual tubs packaged by Aceites Conde Torrepalma are presented in containers from 7 to 30ml, to satisfy all the needs and requirements of the HORECA sector, as well as to guarantee the strictest hygienic conditions for the final consumer. VARIETIES Oli-Olé
Portions of 10 ml Box…. 360 units.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Portions of 20 ml Box…. 224 units.  
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Portions of 10 ml Box…. 360 units.  
Salad dressing(85%Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 15% Balsamic Vinegar)
Portions of 20 ml Box…. 224 units.  
Salad dressing (75% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and  25%Balsamic Vinegar)
Portions of 8 ml. Box…. 360 units.  
Balsamic Vinegar
Portions of 7 ml. Box…. 360 units.  
Aged Wine Vinegar 8º
Dressing pouch: 5 Oil 10ml, 5 Vinegar 8ml. y 5 salt 1gr. Box…. 18 units  
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Salt
The individual tubs packaged by Aceites Conde Torrepalma are presented in packs from 7 to 30ml.

Plastic bucket with handle

Hopper displays

Pouches for grouped sale

The new Royal Decree on the marketing of olive oil, which entered into force on January 1, on marketing standards, imposes the presentation of Olive Oil in non-refillable containers, the single dose is an interesting option to comply with the Regulation, to increase the value to the quality of its Brand, and give it the precise guarantees of Food Safety. It also provides the advantage to the HORECA sector of controlling consumption and spending in its establishments, and the producer sector avoiding the risks that their packaging will finally be “refilled”. Regardless of the legislative considerations, this single-dose container format presents a series of peculiarities that will undoubtedly be interesting to you:
HYGIENE is a totally closed container from its manufacture, which cannot be manipulated in any way until its consumption.
HEALTH The Health Authorities recommend its use to avoid problems that may derive from the use of collective containers, such as oil and cruet containers, or the same bottles called “non-refillable”
TRUST Customers trust the establishment that offers them more because they know that it uses quality products and recognized brands.
SAFETY there is no possibility that a foreign element may fall, as it can happen when filling an oil or vinegar container, nor can it be the case that there has been a fraudulent filling, since when the container is opened once it cannot be recovered.
QUALITY, being recently opened, preserves all the aromas and vitamins typical of extra virgin olive oil, yes as long as it has been stored properly, in its original cardboard box or in another container that protects it from light.
CONTROL the professional can know its price, know the cost of what it offers (breakfasts, salads … etc)
ECONOMY normally the client with one portion has enough, but if in any case you have to put two, its cost is also known; when using the oiler or bottle you never know the amount used – because it cannot be measured – and therefore its cost cannot be known.
CLEANING As they are individual containers, only the client touches the one they are going to use, on the contrary, in the oil can, bottle or cruet, they all handle them without any guarantee that the hands are clean or have any eczema or similar.
SAVING when putting the oil of the portion on the toast falls all over the bread so that the plate does not usually stain anything, thus avoiding having to wash it thoroughly (saving time, water and detergent). In addition, when the consumer has a dose, it adjusts to it, not causing those annoying waste.